Holborne: Muy Linda (New 360 Music Video!)

Please enjoy our newest music video featuring Muy Linda (Very Pretty), composed by Anthony Holborne, from our album Perfect Landing!
This video works in all internet browsers but is designed to be used with a virtual reality headset (like Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift).  Alternatively, try scrolling around using the arrows on the video screen (just like Google Earth).  Enjoy!
[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”K_iS0HYFxTU”]
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Perfect Landing CD

Muy Linda performed by Canadian Brass

Chris Coletti & Caleb Hudson: trumpets | Bernhard Scully: french horn | Achilles Liarmakopoulos: trombone | Chuck Daellenbach: tuba

Recorded mixed & mastered by Dixon Van Winkle
produced by Dixon Van Winkle & MB Daellenbach
video editing: Fabian Caballero

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