Canadian Brass welcomes back hornist Jeff Nelsen


March 22, 2018

TORONTO Canada – Canadian Jeff Nelsen, Professor of Music (horn) at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, has rejoined the world-renowned Canadian Brass, while continuing his teaching at the Jacobs School.

Born in Alberta, Canada, Nelsen was previously a member of the Toronto-based Canadian Brass from 2000 to 2005 and from 2007 to 2010. He replaces hornist Bernhard Scully.

“Jeff is a formidable presence on and off stage,” said Chuck Daellenbach, founding member of Canadian Brass. “Our audiences will be as thrilled as we are to see and hear him performing with the Brass again. His proven track record as performer, teacher, mentor and motivator are the invaluable assets that make him our logical musical partner; but it is his joie de vivre that makes him a natural choice to help enrich the group’s continued impact on the music world.”

Both Nelsen and Canadian Brass have a strong international and entrepreneurial focus. The addition of Nelsen strengthens the group’s mission of taking brass where it’s never been before—moving it from a sideline into a mainstream discipline, much like a string quartet—and augmenting the Jacobs brass faculty’s mission.

The forward-thinking Jacobs School of Music shares this vision, making it a natural fit for collaborative partnerships with the group in areas of entrepreneurial and career development, master classes, concerts and more.

“With its worldwide reputation, innovative programming and entrepreneurial mindset, Canadian Brass is a great example of an ensemble that is moving with the times,” said Alain Barker, director of the Jacobs Office of Entrepreneurship and Career Development. “It’s very good news that Jeff will be joining them again, as it opens up possibilities for innovative partnerships with the Jacobs School.”

“Jeff Nelsen’s return to this ensemble establishes a closer connection between the Jacobs School and one of the premier brass chamber groups of our time,” said Gwyn Richards, David Henry Jacobs Bicentennial Dean. “We look forward to the development of student interest in brass chamber music repertoire and its performance as they engage with the members of this revered ensemble.”

“With the addition of Nelsen, no ensemble is better poised to bring the positive message to young players that the future is bright,” said Canadian Brass trumpeter Caleb Hudson. “We help them realize that they must shape their own destiny.”

In Nelsen’s words, “Inspiring others through both performance and pedagogy, with two of the preeminent institutions in the world, is such a rich combination.  Our Canadian Brass Collection of recordings and scores, for example, found a home at the Jacobs School Cook Music Library about eight years ago.  I am delighted to be able to continue to embolden brass music’s artistic contributions for the next generations of musicians. I cannot imagine a better harmony of mission than sharing deeper connections between Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and Canadian Brass with the world.” Paraphrasing the famous coach Vince Lombardi, individual commitment to a group effort is what makes an ensemble work, a school work, a society work, a civilization work.

A note from Bernhard Scully:

“These past four years in Canadian Brass have been incredible for me in every way. I never thought that I would be able to rejoin this stellar ensemble! Although I will miss making music with my good friends, and I will dearly miss the fans all over the world, it is necessary for me to step down now to focus on my family, my horn studio at the University of Illinois, my new role as artistic director of Cormont Music and the Kendall Betts Horn Camp, and my solo projects. I wish the group all the amazing success as they soar into the future. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful friendships and collaborations I have had through the group, and there are too many experiences all over the globe for me to recount. Words really can’t express all the mix of emotions I feel. Now it is indeed time for me to start the next part of my journey. I send all my love and admiration for the most incredible chamber music group on the planet.


Bernie Scully”

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